self-portraitMy name is Thomas Renn. I am a 2010 Bachelor of Animation graduate from the Queensland College of Art, majoring in 3D and Character Animation. I am a Digital Artist and Animator from Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been active in the local animation industry since my graduation, and have worked for some exciting clients such as Liquid Animation, Disney Television Animation, Studio Breeder, Josephmark, Gilimbaa, Myspace, Griffith University and the State Library of Queensland.

However, from September 2013 I decided to move to Japan to teach English for a working holiday and hiatus from the animation industry. I now wish to return to the animation industry to expand upon my skills as a generalist, and develop my skills towards a specialisation. I’m currently seeking employment in Europe starting from May 2015.

I spend most of my time (employed and otherwise) in Autodesk Maya, in which I am a capable modeller, rigger, animator, lighter, renderer and technical artist. I have dabbled in a bit of MEL and Python as well, and have developed a sound tool creation and automation skill set. When I’m not in Maya, I exercise my proficiency with Adobe After Effects, in which I design motion graphics and particle systems with Red Giant’s Particular and Form plugins. During university I also developed a taste for compositing, and am proficient with Apple Shake, and a quick learner of other node based compositors, such as Fusion or Nuke. I also dabble in traditional and symbol based 2D animation in Adobe Flash. I have also worked in sound design and music composition for several short films, working primarily with Pro Tools, Logic and Garageband.

Outside of the world of animation, I’m also an avid video gaming enthusiast. I have an embarrassingly large library of games and would hope to take part in creating a game myself some day. I also enjoy photography, particularly when travelling with my Canon 7D.

I am relentlessly enthusiastic and friendly, and consistently hard working. I’m an exceptionally quick learner, and have excellent technical skills and a knack for working with computers. I work fast, efficiently, and aim to give everything the best quality possible. I work very well with meeting challenging deadlines. I’m self motivated and work well both by myself and in a team.


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